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All chocolate mix

All chocolate mix

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Do you ever fancy just Chocolate? 😍🥰 😊
Indulge in a variety of delicious chocolates with our All Chocolate Mix. Treat yourself to a range of different Chocolate in our pre mixed 500g or 1kg pouch which includes Fish n Chips, Jazzles, pink n white Mice, Chocolate Frogs, Zoo Animals, Pink Chocolate Pigs and more. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth or as a gift for a friend.

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Mega chocolate Jazzles, Mega white chocolate jazzles, Mega chocolate jazzles starz, Mega white chocolate jazzles starz, Pink heart jazzles, chocolate orange jazzles, Retro icy cups, Pink n white Mice, Fish n chips, Zoo animals, Chocolate frogs, Pink pigs. 

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